New Bamboo Collection

New Bamboo Collection

This unique and innovative collection features a high percentage of bamboo that brings many additional benefits to the carpet. In fact, bamboo fibre has natural anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties and when turned into carpet yarn, it is exceptionally soft to the touch.

With the plant’s rapidly renewing properties (bamboo can grow up to 60 cm per day), and the fact that the bamboo is harvested from selected plantations, the Bamboo Collection is an environmentally friendly choice and is as such ideal for use in sustainable buildings.
Combined with efficient manufacturing that helps to reduce waste and carbon emissions, actively contributing to preserving the environment.

Thanks to bamboo, the carpet is easy to maintain, resilient and also exceptionally comfortable underfoot and a beautiful lustre gives all colours of the collection a luxurious silky look.

Soft and smooth to the touch
The uniform round surface of the fibre makes it very smooth and this gives Bamboo a soft feel for the very best in underfoot comfort.

Luxurious silky look
Bamboo’s uniformly round fibre gives the carpet a beautiful silky soft look.

Bamboo possesses a natural and unique anti-bacteria , which bonds tightly with bamboo cellulose molecules during growth.

Friendly to the environment
The bamboo fibres used by Paco Rugs are sustainably harvested from managed plantations and are grown without the use of fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides. With a short growing period of 2 to 3 years, bamboo is a rapidly renewing resource with minimal environmental impact and is also completely biodegradable, returning to where it began.

Humidity regulator
Bamboo fibre is filled with micro holes and gaps and because of this structure water can be absorbed quickly into the inner-chambers of the fibre and expelled quickly through capillary action. This gives bamboo excellent natural air permeability and moisture releasing capacity, helping to promote a more stable air quality.

Excellent comfort
Bamboo fibres have excellent thermal properties, absorbing and expelling heat, so that they feel comfortable and warm underfoot.

Clean Air
Bamboo carpet can improve quality of life. Dust and allergen particles are trapped in the pile until vacuuming. The pile prevents allergic material and dust being released into the atmosphere. With a good vacuum, dust and allergen particles are removed easily.

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