Our Story

A revolutionary philosophy

The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.

The philosophy of the Paco brand is one of Revolution, weaving together an ancient artisanal craft of hand-knotting rugs with the principles modern leading edge design. From sourcing the finest wools and dyes across the globe to the meticulous attention to detail of the artisans who bring to life the vision of design, the entire process is underpinned by a passion to create the exceptional.


Quality & craftsmanship

Whether it is a new take on classic design principals or a trend-leading interpretation of contemporary style, the Paco brand is synonymous with unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. Hand knotted according to ancient practices, a Paco rug is guaranteed to last for generations.

Our People

Since it’s inception in 1997, Paco has worked with people who share a passion for the art of handcrafted rugs.

Our people are true artists and artisans

Personally overseeing all aspects of the production, from the purchasing of raw materials, dyeing, spinning and weaving of the wool, to the actual making of each piece, Paco and his dedicated team believe in a culture of family and an ethos of excellence.


Embracing cultural heritage

With workshops established in India, Nepal and Pakistan, Paco continues to uplift and sustain the livelihoods of local communities by embracing the age-old art form of hand-crafted rug production.

Our Rugs

It all begins with a vision – inspiration is everywhere.

Paco works closely with some of the most prolific designers around the globe, always ensuring that all designs remain fresh, inspired and leading edge.

Each rug is hand crafted by Artisans according to age-old methods that take time, patience and an exceptional amount of skill.

Care is taken to use only the best natural fabrics in the world. The wool is sourced from Tibet, New Zealand and Mongolia. Other natural fabrics ranging from silk, linen, hemp, nettle, bamboo or a combination thereof is often used to create textures unique to each design.